Demand Excellence

Evidence based, performance driven programs designed to meet the needs of fitness enthusiasts, high level athletes and everyone in between.

Sport Performance & Team Training

We offer a variety of individual and team oriented programs and clinics designed to prepare athletes to meet and exceed the specific demands of their sport. Read more….

Group Strength & Conditioning Class

People look, feel and perform better when they train like athletes and the group atmosphere offers a special environment of shared success and motivation. Regardless of fitness level, we have a place in our program for you. Read more…

Olympic Weightlifting

Whether you want to be a competitive weightlifter or get as explosive as possible for another sport, our expertise will help you reach your goals. We are also home to the Precision Weightlifting team and help prepare and support athletes who compete in USAW events at the local and national level. Read more…

Kettlebell Sport & Fitness

The Oakland County Kettlebell Club operates out of our facility and provides a host of kettlebell specific sporting and fitness programs. To learn more about these programs head over to Oakland County Kettlebell Club’s website.

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